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MUJO is the Buddhist concept of impermanence, of nothing lasting forever. That Buddhist concept is founded on the fact that nothing is everlasting and thus subject to change. The two Chinese characters making up the word MUJO literally mean the constancy of change, thus implying the spatial dimension of the sense of instability. A person has no permanent self, for any person is a part of a chain of independent factors of change.

On the other hand, art and photography handle the one brief scene. When people look at his/her favorite piece of art, they have a strong feeling. The art has a special impact on the heart.  

Based on the Buddhist concept, MUJO and a piece of art have a commonality with a sense of superiority beyond the time. Therefore, I will collect spiritual art works in my gallery. The collection will certainly cause you to react with a deep heart-felt emotion. Gallery MUJO values all these Buddhist beliefs.








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Kohji Nishioka_01
Kohji Nishioka_01
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