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April 07~28, 2014

Tomiyo Tajiri

We people have 5 senses – see, hear, taste, smell, and touch (or 6 senses for someone). These senses have been trained unconsciously over thousand years for humankind. Hearing and visual senses are used in so many occasions as media tools for people in the world nowadays. However, since sex-harassment are brought up in society for human right of women protection, people have been hesitated hugs each other and do not touching easily to eliminate questionable behavior.

            Recently Ms. Tomiyo Tajiri, a director of Wayasashi and Origami craft artist, recognizes from her 95% blind experiences that touching and feeling something through your hands is the most important sense for your happiness because the sense of touching makes you feel very comfortable and heals your lonesome to be well. When you hold KUSUDAMA (paper craft, made of Washi paper) and pray WISH, you get the happiest mind from your heart. You wrap gifts with paper when you present something to your love one or close friends. You know why? Paper wraps hold your love inside packages. Do you know why shaking hands make people friendly? It makes you peaceful mind each other.

            Gallery MUJO presents Tomiyo’s heartful Origami Crafts in April 2014. Tomiyo uses Japanese special soft paper (WASHI) to make garden where she grew up in Okinawa from her memory. This is a good chance to visit MUJO to discover your natural lovely mind in your heart and take you into NIRVANA. 

Where I Lost the Detail


  Tonya Amyrin Rice


March 4 ~ March 28, 2014

Art Walk : March 13, 2014



March 13, 2014, 6 pm

Akinori OHTSUKA, Dec 5, 2013 ~ Dec 27, 2013


12.05.2013 ~ 12.27.2013

Akinori Ohtsuka a recognized fine artist trained in Japanese Art from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.  Lives in Tokyo, Japan. He is dedicated to express Japanese tradition through his work, both through technique and subject matter.  Using traditional paint and brush techniques he masterfully brings together historic scenes and figures creating an almost magical atmosphere that combines the past with present day ideas, blending past and present in amazing detail.  Through color and composition his work displays a very contemporary feel in movement and energy, while his figures include, samurai warriors, women of the court and priests as well as blossoms and nature still life, all telling a historic story of traditional Japan.  There is a decorative elegance that expresses his discipline and duty to traditional Japanese art and historic subjects. For Akinori Ohtsuka, life and art create each other and can be in any time frame you choose and he, the master is in control like the samurai warrior wielding his sword, like the artist making the first and last brushstroke.

"Pupa" by Mayumi Oshima, 10.4.13 ~ 10.26.13

"Pupa" by Mayumi Oshima, 10.4.13 ~ 10.26.23

Talk to Artist, and reception : 10.5.13, 3pm ~ 7pm


Mayumi Oshima was born in Japan, and graduated from Division of Japanese Art, Department of Art, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Tokyo, Japan. Recently she moved to Jersey city, New Jersey, for her independent art activity. She looks into her artistic motivation from her ordinary life and discusses with her soul. She creates arts in the process of these artistic conversations. She thinks she isn’t matured yet … she struggles … she looks for her soul home.



Gallery MUJO presents Solo art show (Dec. 4 ~ Dec. 30, 2012)

SNOW STORM (Blizzard) --- Wind gets leaves


            Mayumi Oshima was born and raised in Buddhism environment in Japan. She moved recently to New Jersey and encountered the huge disaster “Hurricane Sandy.” It was the first biggest disaster in her life. She saw people struggled to survive and tried to maintain their living conditions under the huge disaster. In addition to many Buddhism concepts, she concerns inconceivable human vitality through “Sandy.” Whenever people face to difficulties, whatever people could do their best to survive. These experiences influence to herself and her working concept as an artist. Now she could accept any kind of human behaviors, even if it includes conceive, self-protection, ego, jealousy, and etc in addition to the Buddhism concepts --- mercy, unity, and harmony. She believes all of these human characters are strongly necessary for the “Alternation of generations.“ She feels a compelling sense of love from generation to generation.

            In the “Shore 2,” she shows the waves are dynamically changed in to many forms (generation) as if water crushed into pieces and then unified (generation to generation). This is the virtual energy of human generations. Human may transform to birds (Uroborossm) after a couple of generations like as a symbols of her dream. She flies to wherever and whenever she wants. The leaves on her head are cool and natural flames from her wisdom. However, she trapped by the snake twined around the body of feathers. She tries to knock herself out of troubles with her claws.


Shore 2
Shore 2

OCTOBER EXHIBITION (10-1-12 ~ 10-30-12)


Reception: 10-13-12, 5:30 pm ~ 8:00 pm


Ms. Machiko Naganuma was born in Japan and live in the United State for a long time. She graduated from BFA at the Art Institute of Southern California (2001) and MFA at the Laguna College of Art and Design (2008). She said, “I can’t be a total Japanese or an American, because I have a mix-cultural identity and am afflicted with an imbalanced character.”

Her art is placed on her cultural setting: that is, pleasure, love, anxiety, dissatisfaction and compassion of life. She depicts women, capturing their subtle moods and differences of character. Her work synthesizes Japanese heritage and compromised American culture, so that she can unify Japanese culture, history, art, and spirit within an American context. She uses a wide range of gestures to focus on an idiosyncratic Japanese custom, but unfamiliar to Western culture. Her work connects with Ukiyoe artists who drew beautiful women and actors on the wood-block prints. One of her deepest desire is to live in a harmonious world. Ms. Naganuma makes realistic paintings that combine observing reality with perceived beauty. 


Also we invite Japanese MANGA artists (



September ART SHOW, 9-6-12 ~ 9-28-12

WALK (9-13-12) Open 3pm ~ 9pm


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