Touch & Feeling Art

April 2014

Tomiyo Tajiri

            We people have 5 senses – see, hear, taste, smell, and touch (or 6 senses for someone). These senses have been trained unconsciously over thousand years for humankind. Hearing and visual senses are used in so many occasions as media tools for people in the world nowadays. However, since sex-harassment are brought up in society for human right of women protection, people have been hesitated hugs each other and do not touching easily to eliminate questionable behavior.

            Recently Ms. Tomiyo Tajiri, a director of Wayasashi and Origami craft artist, recognizes from her 95% blind experiences that touching and feeling something through your hands is the most important sense for your happiness because the sense of touching makes you feel very comfortable and heals your lonesome to be well. When you hold KUSUDAMA (paper craft, made of Washi paper) and pray WISH, you get the happiest mind from your heart. You wrap gifts with paper when you present something to your love one or close friends. You know why? Paper wraps hold your love inside packages. Do you know why shaking hands make people friendly? It makes you peaceful mind each other.

            Gallery MUJO presents Tomiyo’s heartful Origami Crafts in April 2014. Tomiyo uses Japanese special soft paper (WASHI) to make garden where she grew up in Okinawa from her memory. This is a good chance to visit MUJO to discover your natural lovely mind in your heart and take you into NIRVANA. 

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